Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adding Photos

I wanted to add photos of the knee immobilizer to my comment about it so you can see that Grandpa had it as a constant companion, except we don't have a photo of it with his PJ's. It was worn consistently for three different 6-week periods --each time he dislocated his hip-- a total of 18 weeks in 2009. I'm glad I didn't have to wear it! I thought it bad enough that I had to strap it on and take it off! Hope better days are on the way for 2010!


After the year we've experienced at our house we are looking to have a better one in 2010. We did learn some new things, like calling ambulances and ER routines, but they kept repeating themselves so we need something else to think about.

Because we should never stop learning, I am trying out this Blog. It appears that the other people on here tried it at least once. It looks to be rather neglected so it will be a good place to practise.

I hope we have seen the last of the knee immobilizer, but need to keep it as a reminder of how thankful we are that it is no longer needed.