Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farewell to East Lansing

Thomas has been in such a nice situation in the Living Center directly across the street from Michigan State for over 3 months now serving in the Williamston area. As the week begins he'll be transfered to a new area, St. Joseph and I thought it might be nice to bid farewell with a few pictures. Elder Mabey has had three different companions while in this area and learned a lot about how to serve the Lord in the beautiful state of Michigan! He has come to love the PEOPLE that he's been serving, all ages and ethic groups. He also reports he's fine tuned his basketball shot, loved attending the Michigan State/Purde football game and thrilled to have seen the Sigma Chi house on campus.

However, he is anxious to move on to where the Lord will have him serve next which is along the shores of Lake Michigan and reported to have good oppertunities for missionary work!

click to enlarge

If you want to send him an email, his address hasn't changed. It's thomas dot mabey @ When we get his new address I'll pass it along, he loves any news from home.