Sunday, June 17, 2012

South Jordan City has a Parade - and Grandpa's in it!

South Jordan City had a parade on Saturday June 16, 2012 -- and it's not like South Jordan Town Days when me and the family grew up in the 60's and 70's.  This parade had about everything among its 87 entries.  But first came the Grand Marshall, honoring the Fullmer family of Jay, Don and Gene.  Many of us grew up with their children, and Grandpa has stories of this famous boxing family that go back to his youth.

There were fast cars, 

And there were old cars, like this one.
Grandma said as the car drove by 
that her family had a car just like it, 
and she remembers sitting in that back rumble seat
with her brother Don many times.

There were Royalty, horses and a clown!

And there were even
Marching Bands, Motorcycles and Flying Carpets.
I can't show you those because my phone video won't upload.
You should have been there!

And along came entry number 72, a float honoring 
the first ward organized in South Jordan 150 years ago.

And no, they weren't honoring Grandpa because he was
the first bishop 150 years ago, but all of the 12 living bishops 
of the South Jordan First Ward were invited.

About nine attended and were invited to "take the stand."  
And there's Grandpa sitting at the top in his handsome straw hat.  
Next to him his Bishop Kay Arnold.  
Grandpa Mabey was bishop beginning way back in about 1964.  

Great to have you aboard Grandpa,

and Happy Fathers Day!

Posted by John