Monday, June 14, 2010

Elder Mabey says Good Bye To Big Rapids

We got a letter from Thomas today that said he was being transfered to the second largest city in Michigan. He isn't sad to leave Big Rapids, but he recognizes that he learned valuable lessons in the three months he was there. He loved his last companion, Elder Hunt. They worked hard and had fun while they were doing it. Here is a quote from his letter:

It’s crazy how hard it is to get people to pick up the book and read it. That’s how Dawn was this transfer. She said that she believed in everything we were saying besides Joseph Smith, but she wouldn’t read the Book of Mormon because she knew it wasn’t true. It’s hard to tell people what they are missing out on without offending them. In the future I plan on emphasizing the question "what if it were true? How important would that be for you?" it really is a crazy story. Everything about Mormonism is nuts. I know because I have researched a bunch of other religions. That’s why it’s so important to know if it’s true so you're not just wasting your time with some bogus story. Because if Joseph Smith really saw what he said he did, then that means Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that his church is again on the earth. And all revelations given since that time are true as well- pretty intense stuff. And that being true it means that as members of the church we have a huge responsibility to spread the gospel, which literally means good news, to everyone that will listen.