Sunday, June 17, 2012

South Jordan City has a Parade - and Grandpa's in it!

South Jordan City had a parade on Saturday June 16, 2012 -- and it's not like South Jordan Town Days when me and the family grew up in the 60's and 70's.  This parade had about everything among its 87 entries.  But first came the Grand Marshall, honoring the Fullmer family of Jay, Don and Gene.  Many of us grew up with their children, and Grandpa has stories of this famous boxing family that go back to his youth.

There were fast cars, 

And there were old cars, like this one.
Grandma said as the car drove by 
that her family had a car just like it, 
and she remembers sitting in that back rumble seat
with her brother Don many times.

There were Royalty, horses and a clown!

And there were even
Marching Bands, Motorcycles and Flying Carpets.
I can't show you those because my phone video won't upload.
You should have been there!

And along came entry number 72, a float honoring 
the first ward organized in South Jordan 150 years ago.

And no, they weren't honoring Grandpa because he was
the first bishop 150 years ago, but all of the 12 living bishops 
of the South Jordan First Ward were invited.

About nine attended and were invited to "take the stand."  
And there's Grandpa sitting at the top in his handsome straw hat.  
Next to him his Bishop Kay Arnold.  
Grandpa Mabey was bishop beginning way back in about 1964.  

Great to have you aboard Grandpa,

and Happy Fathers Day!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Birthday Bash

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter on the Shores of Lake Michigan

Here is some catch up on Thomas. He left the Lansing/Williamston area the first week of December and headed for St. Joseph/Benton Harbor on the east shore of Lake Michigan (the very southwest corner of the State). His apartment is right across the street from the lake on a road appropriately named Lakeshore Drive. Lakeshore Drive continues around the lake towards Chicago. You may remember on the news about the massive blizzard that hit the mid-west. When they showed shots of Chicago they liked to show the hundreds of cars snowed in on Lakeshore Drive near Chicago.

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You can see in the photos that Thomas has his fair share of snow and ice. He also shares with you pictures of typical homes in parts of the Benton Harbor area. He reports that about 30% of the homes are boarded up like that, and that many boarded up homes still have people living in them. The Michigan economy has really been hit hard and has been suffering for years and is only one of two states that goes down in population each year. But Thomas really loves meeting and talking to the people in this new area. His companion is Elder Kohler from Ammon, Idaho -- so he knows snow and cold.

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They really don't seem to mind the weather. At the beginning the work was really tough because previous missionaries in the area the past year or so were not good missionaries. They have now won over the confidence of some of the members so they get better support for rides, etc. Hopefully, the members will now bring some good contacts for them to teach. They spent a lot of time knocking, as that was about all they had to start with. But slowly they have built up a great pool of investigators and contacts. One week they had 22 follow-up appointments which is way high for their mission. Last week they had 17, so all the work paid off. You may have read his email of February 12 where he reported they had an investigator attend church, which is very good for his mission. They are teaching some promising contacts and our prayers are with Thomas and all the missionaries.

We love Thomas!!
Best to all, John.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farewell to East Lansing

Thomas has been in such a nice situation in the Living Center directly across the street from Michigan State for over 3 months now serving in the Williamston area. As the week begins he'll be transfered to a new area, St. Joseph and I thought it might be nice to bid farewell with a few pictures. Elder Mabey has had three different companions while in this area and learned a lot about how to serve the Lord in the beautiful state of Michigan! He has come to love the PEOPLE that he's been serving, all ages and ethic groups. He also reports he's fine tuned his basketball shot, loved attending the Michigan State/Purde football game and thrilled to have seen the Sigma Chi house on campus.

However, he is anxious to move on to where the Lord will have him serve next which is along the shores of Lake Michigan and reported to have good oppertunities for missionary work!

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If you want to send him an email, his address hasn't changed. It's thomas dot mabey @ When we get his new address I'll pass it along, he loves any news from home.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grandpa Mabey dedicates the "Birthplace of South Jordan" monument

You may have heard that Grandpa Mabey dedicated a new historical monument called the "Birthplace of South Jordan." It was a very nice occasion and an honor for Grandpa. The monument is located just south of 10600 South along the river bottoms in the River Park development on the Market Street Grill property. You will all have to stop by sometime.

The bricks are from an old Oakeson farm building. The monument depicts the very first pioneer settlements in South Jordan, the White Fawn Flour Mill that existed on the site, and the early native Americans:

I took pictures of the dedication and Grandpa but unfortunately my photos that day for some reason didn't work. So you'll just have to look at a picture Cristie insisted I post. -- Bye -- John

PS: This is my first blog post ever, so please forgive any problems.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grand to be in Grand Rapid's

Grand Rapids has certainly been living up to it's name during the last several weeks for Elder Mabey and Elder Barney. Thomas has decribed Elder Barney as someone that knows how to work when he is suposed to and knows how to have a good time at the right times. They seem to be doing a GRAND job. Maggie Emgach was baptized Saturday, July 10th and Thomas conferred the Holy Ghost on Sunday. I his words "I haven't been that happy in a long time . . . it was sweet."

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"We keep seeing miracles all the time. . . Blessings are all around me. If you don't count your blessing you wont know you have them."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Elder Mabey says Good Bye To Big Rapids

We got a letter from Thomas today that said he was being transfered to the second largest city in Michigan. He isn't sad to leave Big Rapids, but he recognizes that he learned valuable lessons in the three months he was there. He loved his last companion, Elder Hunt. They worked hard and had fun while they were doing it. Here is a quote from his letter:

It’s crazy how hard it is to get people to pick up the book and read it. That’s how Dawn was this transfer. She said that she believed in everything we were saying besides Joseph Smith, but she wouldn’t read the Book of Mormon because she knew it wasn’t true. It’s hard to tell people what they are missing out on without offending them. In the future I plan on emphasizing the question "what if it were true? How important would that be for you?" it really is a crazy story. Everything about Mormonism is nuts. I know because I have researched a bunch of other religions. That’s why it’s so important to know if it’s true so you're not just wasting your time with some bogus story. Because if Joseph Smith really saw what he said he did, then that means Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that his church is again on the earth. And all revelations given since that time are true as well- pretty intense stuff. And that being true it means that as members of the church we have a huge responsibility to spread the gospel, which literally means good news, to everyone that will listen.